Indian Churches Participate Actively for 'Praying Hyde Project'

Churches have participated actively in Elim India's "Praying Hyde Project" which picks up one name daily by each church to pray for their growth and development, and specifically for the change of heart.

"We are very pleased with the participation of churches. Churches are sending one each name daily for whom special prayers are offered to the Lord for change of heart and active involvement in the church and the body of Christ," said Elim India leader.

"Currently, churches are sharing and suggesting the names at OA India Whatsapp group daily and we are praying for them one by one. It is so graceful to be able to pray with specific names. Some of them we can see their photo as well. Although we may not be able to see the photos of all candidates, they can still suggest the names in the future whose photos churches may not be able to provide," the leader said.