East Delhi OCP Students Finds New Opportunities to Grow

Students of Olivet Children Project (OCP) in East Delhi continues to experience growth in multiple ways as they not only learn their lessons from the classes, but also various Bible stories and games.

"I am happy that the students are making good progresses. Kids needed to be taught, if we teach them they know it and they can believe it and follow it. It is so simple but it was not possible earlier; OCP has made it possible. I am very thankful," said the project leader.

"The classes are continuing gracefully and I hope that all of them will become very useful in the future. We taught them some Biblical based games which was really interesting to them," said the leader.

"Due to extreme cold weather, morning batch remains the same but in the evening batch students are able to enjoy the classes more and they are all growing well. Games excite them a lot," said the leader.