Nehemiah Project Website Officially Launched

Nehemiah Project Website

The Nehemiah Project website was officially launched on Thursday, January 2. Inspired by the prophet Nehemiah's very desire to rebuild the walls of the city Jerusalem, the Nehemiah website was created as an open website which encourages the general public to be a volunteer to utilize their construction skills as a builder, site assistant, or foreman.

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In addition, the website will be looking for volunteers who want to apply their unique business skills to office positions such as social media advisor, grant writer, volunteer coordinator, Global Village assistant, research assistant, communications specialist, program or resource development specialist, as well as other administrative roles.

The volunteers will help Nehemiah Project to build communities by constructing churches, schools, houses, and hospitals. The projects provide places to build up the body of Christ, education opportunities to help deliver the gospel, facilities for physical and spiritual healing.

Volunteers will experience and imbued the mission and values of the Nehemiah Project to promote unity within the evangelical church and the greater body of Christ through providing a platform for shared dialogue, ideas, and resources. Through its network, Nehemiah Project International wishes to strengthen the church with a fresh vision and empower it to pursue God's Kingdom and righteousness with greater fervency and passion.