Fellowship and Ministries Showcasing Exhibitions in 2017 GA



The World General Assembly 2017 is almost at hand and one of the exciting new programs at this annual event is the expo of the major fellowships and ministries. Each fellowship and ministry was tasked by the WOA Headquarters to explain more about their identity, goals, and visions through vibrant displays and enticing events.

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Attendees should expect an interactive exhibition including testimonies, video presentations, and other art performances and shows. The 2017 WGA is one innovative step towards advancing the program development of future general assemblies.

The intention is to encourage churches to network and establish chapter fellowships and ministries in their local mission and countries.

This exhibition will also be a testimony of how God has been working through each fellowship and ministry. Church leaders can see the necessity of co-working with fellowships and ministries for the advancement of mission in their nations.