AM Intl to Launch New Models for Discipleship & Multiplication in 2018

AM Intl to Launch New Models for Discipleship & Multiplication in 2018


The Apostolos Missions International HQ is preparing to launch new models and strategies for growth in 2018. The fellowship has resolved to consider new ways to see exponential growth and sustainability. 

AM is a campus fellowship that emphasizes the life of those who are sent as the disciples and apostles of Christ. The fellowship wishes to grow in the areas of not only finding people, but offering ways to raise them and help them pursue a deeper dimension of faith.

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AM is making new systems to help facilitate disciples and multiplication. The fellowship can only be successful when people are being found, shepherded, and challenged to follow the life of Christ with their whole hearts. 

For example, AM is developing a new strategy for USA chapters called "life groups." This strategy would provide a system for Leadership & Discipleship development. "Life Groups" are essentially "cell groups" that students form to maintain a community on campus. They are helpful because they provide community, relationships, and natural in-reach and outreach opportunities--and these are things that young adults and university students are looking for. 

AM International leaders believe that this kind of organization will help to recruit more leaders and also help the leaders welcome more students. AM's aim is to find the suffering people of the world and lead them to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. Please pray for this time until 2018 to prepare and plan well for the new year.